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What is StoryTime?

StoryTime is an online platform for publishing and playing interactive fiction story-games. These are the kind of games where you read a scene and choose what to do next from a few options. Eventually, you will wind yourself through the tale to an appropriate ending, either achieving some sort of victory or going down in ruins.

For now, it’s all in text. Sorry kids, you have to paint the pictures in your mind. It’s healthy to take a break from that Minecraft / Fortnite eye candy and exercise your imagination.

Click here to play StoryTime.

Once you have exhausted the available catalog of story-games, you can write one of your own. Remember that creative spark you used to have? It’s still there somewhere. Fan the fire, and have some meaningful fun. Sign in to become a member, agree to the simple terms of authorship (like not to commit acts of plagiarism), and you can begin your writing adventure.


Take Note

We want you to enjoy your time playing StoryTime, so let’s set the right expectations from the beginning. This game platform is in beta. That means there are still a few rough edges. You can do everything you need to. Just be aware of what it takes.

For starters, until we get enough players, this is hosted as cheaply as possible. That means we are using free hosting, with the main drawback that sometimes the server goes to sleep due to inactivity.

So, it might take 10 or 20 seconds to wake up. Be patient. Once the game loads, you will be in the library, where you can select a game to play. The Mission looks like this.


The StoryTime Reader with The Mission loaded.

You can also Sign In using the button in the upper right. Use your Google or Facebook account to authenticate yourself. Once you are in, you can update some of your profile information.

More importantly, you can agree to the terms of being an author. (Yes, this was stated above, but now you’re really paying attention.) Once you have agreed, you should see a link in the menu to the Writing Desk. That’s where you write and publish your story-games. Congratulations!

Save and Refresh are your friends.

As you work on your story-games, remember to use the Save button whenever you see one. Auto-save has not been implemented yet, so please remember to hit save. You can even write your scenes somewhere else that has auto-save (like Google docs). Then cut and paste them into the Writing Desk.

And when you go to fix that typo in the Writing Desk, please remember to hit Save.

Likewise, the Writing Desk does not always update correctly, especially around the publishing feature, which is relatively new (and still buggy). Just refresh your browser window, and you should see what you expect. It’s working on the server; just not getting updated correctly in the browser.

Click here to play StoryTime.

And the best news is…

Everything is free, and there are no distracting ads. Boo-ya!

We would love to hear from you. Please send us a note with your feedback. The more people we hear from, the more likely we’ll start paying for hosting to keep this thing running all of the time.

Also, we would love to hear about improvements you want. We have a list of our own that we’ll keep working on. Your input will influence our priorities.

Subscribe if you’d like to be notified as new StoryTime features are released. Also, keep an eye on this website.

Have fun!

Click here to play StoryTime.