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If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to create games, you have found the right place.

If you have some experience and want to see things from another perspective, you should check this out, too.

If you are an employee at Electronic Arts or Hasbro, you might be slightly overqualified. Then again, if you work as a receptionist or in the finance department of one of those fine companies, you might find this course to be right up your alley.

Who Is This For?

This course is for students, recent graduates, and professionals of all ages who are itching to get started creating games, either as a hobby or a step toward a career in game production.

Ideally you have a sustaining income source — that’s usually called a job — and some free time. You might need a little nudge to get going or guidance about how to turn your ideas into a working game. That’s why this course was created, to guide and nudge.

If you dream of fame, notoriety, and amassing a fortune, well, it’s good to have dreams. This course won’t bring you any of that any time soon. But it will scratch your itch to get started.

If you have ever played a game before and complained about the rules, here’s your chance to invent something better. Take that, Parker Brothers! As long as you have some free time and enjoy using your brain, take this course, and treat yourself to the blissful joy of creation.

If I had to guess, you are probably ready to hit the buy button right now.

Before you get ahead of yourself, take a look at what’s in store. Let’s make sure this is a good fit for you.

What Am I Getting Into?

The Design a Game course starts off with a rousing, motivational introduction, and is followed by a two-part series of videos. The course is packed with well-organized information, making it easy to progress from stage to stage as you come up with and think about your game.

The videos combine theory, practical approaches, design tools, and exercises to get you going. The material is loaded with pictures and peppered with examples from the instructor’s favorite games, including a few that he invented over the last few decades.

Wait! Is this course led by a famous game creator? Nope, just someone who has made a life-long hobby of creating games. If he can do it, so can you.

To be specific, this course includes:

  • Motivational Orientation Video
  • Part I: Dreaming Up a Winner
    • The Qualities of a Winner — Learn what makes a game great.
    • Game Analysis Exercise — Practice identifying key game qualities.
    • Idea Generator — Put that big brain of yours to good use.
    • Brainstorming Exercise — Unblock the flow of ideas.
  • Part II: Game Play
    • Game Types and Elements — Selecting your game mechanics and components.
    • Creating a Prototype — Seeing (and touching) is believing.
    • Iterative Design Cycle — Making your designs the best they can be.
    • Sanity Check — Knowing when your game design is ready.

Overall, the course offers 9 videos for over 2 hours of instruction. Of course, you can take as much time as you need to work on your game ideas.

Plus, you get lifetime access to the course. If you ever want to review the material by watching a second or third time, go for it.

Ready to Buy?

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Still Not Sure?

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