About Happy Spirit Games

Happy Spirit Games is about creating online games. Whether you are a creative person—especially writers and coders—or just like to play games, Happy Spirit Games has something for you.

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Be the master of your world

Our flagship game, StoryTime, is based on reading. As a StoryTime player, you get to choose after each scene how to proceed. As a StoryTime author, you create the scenes and the options that players can choose. The world you create is powered by your words and the imaginations of oodles of players.

Invent your own games

Want to make your own games? Happy Spirit Games will show you how, from game design to software development and community building.

Learn how to develop online games and gaming systems. Our hands-on courses take you through how to design and develop the software that makes things happen. Examples are taken from actual working software.

Learn how to develop information systems (that are disguised as games)

Our games are examples of honest-to-goodness information systems. They have all of the moving parts of business applications. If you are stuck in the corporate world, use Happy Spirit Games as a fun way to improve your skills.

We show you everything and explain it all. What choices we made and why. What improvement ideas we have waiting in the wings. How to work with an existing code base.

Play our games

Of course, we have a few games you and your friends can play, too. For starters, try StoryTime.

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