What’s Next for Happy Spirit Games

Spring is the time for planting. California gets a head start, since most of us have a milder climate than, say, Upstate New York where I grew up.

My grandfather had quite a green thumb. Every year, he carefully planned and planted his garden. The effort started while things were still frozen outside. He might get some tomato plants going using those little starter pods.

These things.


You put these in a plastic tray with a quarter inch (about a centimeter) of water, and they puff up. It’s kind of fun to watch them “grow.” Once they’ve expanded, you stick seeds in them, one per pod. The tray goes under a lamp or in sunny window (if you have one), and before you know it, you’ve got a bunch of tiny plants growing.

Then around the end of May, things have usually warmed enough that you can move the plants into the ground.

Like I said, in California, things warm up sooner than that. My seeds went directly into the ground. The rain we’ve had over the last week or two was enough to get my seeds started. Now I have little shoots of beans, sugar peas, carrots, radishes and pumpkins poking out.

Now watch while I turn this into a metaphor. Do you see what’s coming?

I have been preparing the Happy Spirit Games garden bed since December. First, I’ve been writing to you faithfully, at least once a week, often twice. I hope that’s kept you at least mildly entertained.

Second, I have been building out the StoryTime gaming system for choose-your-adventure style games. The next release is literally days away. Just a few final adjustments, and authors will be able to publish their stories.

I have at least one active author who will appreciate being able to publish. Keep working on that story, Dad.

So, now that it is spring, the time has come to plant some seeds. Happy Spirit Games is meant to be more than a hobby. I intend to turn this into a business, and that means I need to sell something.

Well, no one would pay to play StoryTime. That’s not realistic at this point. Someday people will be handing me fistfuls of twenties, but not yet.

Instead, I will sell my expertise in the form of online courses. I have a few ideas in the works.

  • How to Design an Online Game
  • How to Develop a Gaming System
  • Build Your Own Game
  • Hands-on Software Development: Level Up Your Skills on a Real Code Base

I plan to have the first course ready by June if not sooner.

I am also thinking of producing a few videos where I upgrade some part of StoryTime while you watch. Coders might like that. Everyone else might rather find a good game to play.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in what’s coming? I’d love to bounce my ideas off of people would are keen on learning. That way, I can be sure to cover what people really want to know, not just what I think they’d want to know.

By the way, I spent some time today on this website. Well, you’re on it, so look around.

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And you can use my new contact page to send me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

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