Want to Create Your Own Games?

I have an easy way to start creating your own online games. Play StoryTime, the premier game by Happy Spirit Games.

As of yesterday, StoryTime sports a brand new Writing Desk feature that allows you to create your own stories. Write scenes and build signposts. It’s easy. It’s fun. The quickest way to get it is to try it.

Yesterday I posted instructions on how to get started.

Here’s a little sample of a story-game I created in about 10 minutes.


It’s simple and it wouldn’t take long to play. Like I said, I only spent 10 minutes on it.

Imagine what you could do in your spare time. You could create an entire game world with twists and turns, full of adventure.

At the moment, StoryTime games are based on writing. Someday I will give you a way to add images. For now, focus on the power of your words.

Try it now. I know you have 10 minutes. Once you start thinking about it, you won’t want to stop until you have created a masterpiece.

Play StoryTime.

And remember to click Save to preserve your work. Auto-save is coming, along with a lot more features.

Tell me what else you wish it would do. Leave a comment below or send a message using the Contact page.

Finally, sign up for the Happy Spirit Games newsletter to get insider news and early notifications.

Have fun!

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