Getting Better

This week, I was making speedy progress on StoryTime.  I added the notion of roles, so not only do I know who is playing the game, I can assign additional privileges to certain players.  The first non-player role that StoryTime needs is an administrator, someone who is allowed to see who the players are and modify a player’s status.  Say someone is not playing nicely or asks to be removed from the system, an administrator would have the ability to resolve those issues.

As I say, I was making decent progress when I got sick, with a fever ranging up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the body gets hot, the brain stops functioning at the level that is required to write software.  So I spent the last two days sleeping.  Now I am getting better.  The fever is down, though not entirely gone, and I am able to sit at my keyboard briefly without too much suffering, just some lingering muscle aches.

Being out of it for a couple of days has underscored the importance of steady improvement.  As long as my health continues to improve, I’ll be fine in no time and will get back to being productive.  By programming a little every day, my coding skills are getting better.  By pouring effort into StoryTime, someday it will be worth telling the world about.

For today, I think I will go back to resting.

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