Last Thursday, I released the latest version of StoryTime on time.  It took extra effort, I had to defer some bells and whistles (nice features that can wait), and I sacrificed my afternoons that are supposed to be set aside for “outreach” efforts.  With those small adjustments, the release went out.

Then I took a day off.

Now it is Monday, and after a long weekend of travel, I am back at the keyboard.  Compared to last week, everything is moving slowly, almost at a stand-still.  My wagon wheels have settled a bit in a soft patch on the prairie.

In physical terms, momentum is the product of mass and velocity.  Without movement or something to move, there is no momentum.  Starting something new involves both the creation of the thing to move and action to get things going.  Scattered efforts in random directions with no unified purpose result in no momentum.  Waiting for something to happen also amounts to nothing.  That part of the analogy holds pretty well.

Now that StoryTime is out there, the way to gain momentum is with lots of action.  The most important actions I can take are adding features and attracting players.

Time to get back to work.

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