Being My Own Boss

Live the life you have always dreamed of.  Work at home, and be your own boss.  You too can throw off the shackles of the daily grind and reach your greatest potential.  By joining my system of [ flipping houses / operating a franchise / investing in Bitcoin ], you can make money while you sleep.  Let the suckers keep their day jobs.  You have big dreams.  So start today by calling…

Have you ever seen or heard one of these infomercials?  Tempting, isn’t it.  With little or no work, you can make a fortune and live on the beach.  Sounds great.

I fell for that, once.  It was a fly-by-night company called 2Extreme, and they were selling “health” products through a multi-level-marketing (MLM) scheme.  You buy a starter kit of products to sell and make a profit when you sell the products to others.  Easy.  Except that it is sales, which is not easy.  So, you can do the smarter thing and sign up others to be the salespeople.  Because you signed them up, you get a cut of everything they sell, and everyone who starts has to buy a starter kit, so you have an instant sale for each new person you involve.  Then if those people get others involved, you get a further cut on whatever they sell.  If you’re high enough up the pyramid, you can make a killing.

Hmm, did I just write scheme and pyramid in the same paragraph?  Yup, that’s a recipe for suckers like me to lose money and for the genius at the top to make the killing.  But hey, there are no bosses anywhere in sight.  Must be paradise.

Fast forward to today, and I am still a sucker for get-rich schemes.  What I mean is that they still present a strong temptation, although I have learned to distinguish between what works and what doesn’t.  “Get rich quick” does not work.  Get rich eventually is more likely to work.  Get rich eventually means having clear objectives, putting in the hours, staying open minded, focusing on the positive, dealing honestly with people, and so on.

So I have long-term objectives as well as some targets for the quarter.  I have a daily schedule that mixes creative work (most blogging and coding) and “outreach” (product research, marketing, sales), and every day I try to take one or two small steps.  All the boss of me has to do is get myself up on time and get me to my keyboard by 8 AM.  Then I need the discipline to stick to my schedule while handling the distractions that pop up throughout the day.  At the end of each week, I sit down with myself and review how I did and what I need to work on next.

Eventually I need to produce something that others will gladly pay for and find ways to make the sales.  That’s the way I will get to continue being the boss of me, regardless of whether I get rich at it.

Oh, gotta go.  The boss is telling me to get back to coding.


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