It Already Exists

The game I call StoryTime is nothing new.  As I have worked on the game, thinking through how things will work in the software and building parts of it, I intentionally averted my eyes from other games of a similar nature.  For one reason, I figured that I would not be copying if all of the thoughts that went into the game originated from my own head.  Also, the belief that I was going to create something unique was energizing.  Maybe too much so that the illusion became something of a crutch.

Recently I took an online business course.  One of the early activities I was assigned was to find the “fishing holes” where my would-be customers are hanging out.  A few searches for choose-your-own-adventure games led me to the place I have been dreaming of, a website dedicated to creating and playing Interactive Fiction games.  Actually, there are a few of them, though one fits exactly what I was thinking.  As it happens, a whole category of games exists just like what I have been imagining.  So much for being original.

So it is time to drop the illusion of being unique.  I still have plenty to gain by creating the software as I have conceived of it, and the fact that others are making a go of it as a business means that I can, too.  And I am grateful for taking that course because it showed me how to get a business going that does not rely on making money from games.

When I think of it, very few things are completely unique.  There is a variety of options for any type of game, so why not one more interactive fiction game?  At least I know there are plenty of people who will play it.

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