Where Did August Go?

I had good intentions heading into August.  I was going to stand up a beta version of StoryTime and blog at least once a week.  I deleted Twitter to avoid the habitual distraction.  I gave up my daily Japanese practice to give myself more time.

I kept my rebooted exercise routine, something I had stopped last year to have more time to study Japanese.  I kept my full-time job.  That seemed important.  I also saved time for the family.  I’m not going to be one of those movie dads who has an epiphany at 60 that he missed his kids growing up.

A few months ago, I heard someone on a podcast say that humans are bad at predicting the future.  In particular, most tend to overestimate what can be done in days and weeks, while underestimating what can be done over years and decades.  Armed with that idea, I am certain that I can build a game company that helps thousands, maybe millions of people to enjoy life more, even if it takes, say, the next 10 years.  Knowledge is power!

And yet, my greedy monkey brain conspired against me during August.  An online business course to help me start making money in as little as two months?  Sounds good.  The hockey team needs a manager?  Alrighty, sign me up.  Solar panels?  Great idea.  A new car?  Well, my teenager needs the one I have been driving, so let’s go for it.

Then life lends a hand.  First the irrigation system breaks to the point where I can no longer ignore it, with water pouring down the pipes straight into the ground while the system is off.  Time to call in professionals.  Then school starts, which means shopping for supplies and musical instruments, and three back-to-school nights.  At the same time, hockey starts (yes, it’s still the middle of summer), which means six practices per week.  Oh, and remember signing up as team manager?  Everything is due NOW!  Forms, team meetings, volunteers, practice schedules, tournament planning.  Game on.

My short-term expectations still need some work.

It’s all good.  August was a great month, and I wouldn’t change it.  It just didn’t leave any time to work on StoryTime or to write.

Or rather, I didn’t leave any time.

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