Many Ways to Win

One of my favorite modern-day thinkers (that is, of those among the living) is Scott Adams of Dilbert fame.  One idea that I got from Scott is that it makes sense to line up multiple ways to win and to avoid situations where you will lose.  While that idea is not radical, keeping it in mind leads to better plans and steady progress in a generally positive direction.

My plans for Happy Spirit Games allow me multiple ways to win.  First, I love writing software.  The time I spend getting computers to do things is usually enjoyable.  Second, when it works out, lots of people will get to enjoy my games, and that feels like a contribution to society.  Third, I might actually start a profitable business, the ultimate win.

If no sustainable business emerges, at least I am improving my talent stack and experience, and I can always blog about pitfalls for others to avoid.  As I see it, there’s no way to lose.

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